Walking Tour

Mahabalipuram is a small town and the entire area is 12.85 kilometers only. It is easy for a person to walk into the town easily. Only while walking you can explore all the handicraft shops on the streets and browse each and every shop and understand what kind of unique souvenirs they sell. Walking trips provided interactions with the locals.

Biking Tour

Hire a bike from the hotel in which you are staying. Biking provides you with more flexibility than walking. You can start the biking tour in the morning by visiting the monument arjuna penance and next to the monument itself you can find other monuments connected to it. Such as butterball, butter well,Varaha cave temple,ganesha ratha, and lighthouse. After completing your tour of these monuments you can start your biking tour again by visiting the five rathas monuments and next to that monument you can find a shopping mall next to it you can shop for unique handicrafts there. After that you can head back to the shore temple monument, which is the most famous monument here and is located near the shore. Visiting the tiger cave on a cycle is not advisable because it is located on the highways so it is better to rent a car to visit this monument.

Motorcycle Tour

It is easy to explore all the monuments using a motorcycle. It is best to rent a motorcycle for a week to plan to visit other places apart from Mahabalipuram. There are plenty of options for renting a bike you can pick a package for the duration and also there are multi-brand motorcycles. Driving the motorcycle on the east coast road gives you a wonderful experience of driving on the shoreside of the bay of Bengal. You can plan to visit Chennai city and while going there are abundant destinations you can visit such as madras crocodile bank,muttukadu boathouse and dakshinachitra. Pondicherry is also not far away from Mahabalipuram, kick start the bike and within a few hours, you will reach Pondicherry. It is a city filled with French colonies.