i. Krishna’s Butterball: Is a huge boulder that stands precariously on a rock and formed due to weathering. It is named so after the prodigious fondness for butter of Lord Krishna.

ii. Pancha Pandava Cave

iii. Trimurthy cave: Is dedicated to the Trimurtis- Brahma, Vishnu and Siva.

iv. Mahishamardhini Cave: Contains 3 cells in the cave and on the back wall of the central cell is the representation of Somaskanda (ie, Lord Skanda sitting between his parents Siva and Parvathi). The figure of Somaskanda is a Pallava speciality. At either end of this cave are 2 large panels, one representing Mahishamardhini and the other Seshasayi Vishnu.

v. Tiger Cave: Is a rock-cut shrine of Goddess Durga belonging to the period of Rajasimha. And nearby is found a Subramanya temple.

vi. Athiranachandha Cave: Is a cave temple dedicated to Siva and named after King Athiranachanda, one of the surnames of king Rajasimha.

vii. Krishna Mandapam: Depicts in sculpture Krishna effortlessly lifting the Govardhana hill to protect the people from the severe storm caused by Indra. This representation of the Govardhana scene is regarded as the best in India.

viii. Varaha Mandapam: Is a 7th century cave temple of the period of king Narasimhavarman and dedicated to the 3rd incarnation of Vishnu namely,Varaha. One of its panels contains a beautiful sculpture of Trivikrama, the giant form which Vishnu assumed to subdue the demon king Mahabali.

ix. Adi Varaha Mandapam: This cave temple was begun by Narasimhavarman and completed by his grandson Parameswaravarman and hence named ‘Parameswara Maha Varaha Vishnugriham’. In the sanctum made of mortar (and not stone) and brightly painted is found the figure of Varaha, the boar, raising the mother earth from the ocean. It also contains the royal portraits of Simhavishnu and Mahendravarman and therefore is considered to be the royal family shrine (Chapel Royal).

x. Elephant Group: Includes images of adult elephants, 2 little ones, a monkey and a partridge which some scholars believe is the depiction of a Jataka story related to the Buddha.

xi. The Ganesha Ratha: Is a monolithic temple constructed during the reign of Parameswaravarman in the latter half of the 7th century AD. Its roof is designed like the hood of a country wagon and has 9 vase shaped finials and can be considered as a precursor of the temple towers, which developed later.

xii. Vishnu temple: The lord is locally known as Sthalasayana Perumal who is shown carved lying on the floor with one hand supporting his head and the other in the traditional gesture of invitation. He is without his usual serpent couch and the conch and discus. His consort is known by the name of Nila Mangai. The Lord here is said to have manifested for the sake of his devotee sage Pundarika. This temple is one of the 108 places regarded as sacred by the Vaishnavites and is an important centre of pilgrimage for them. This temple belongs to the Vijayanagar period (14th century AD) and raised by king Parangusan.

xiii. Raya Gopuram: Is an unsuccessful attempt by the Vijayanagar rulers who came later at erecting a tall gopuram, ie an entrance tower. Only its foundation is seen.

xiv. Lion Throne: Is the beautiful sculpture of a majestic lion whose back has been made flat to serve as a seat and is believed to be the throne of the Pallavas. Some archaeologists believe that this sculpture and the platform on which it stands must have been the site of a Pallavan palace. Very close to the throne, right beneath the palace floor is the excavated remains of a rock cut treasury crypt in which king Narasimhavarman is believed to have stored the enormous fortune that he brought from the Chalukyan capital Vatapi after its conquest.

xv. Old Light House: Is a cave temple dedicated to Siva and excavated by Parameswaravarman. Its upper storey functioned as a lighthouse being the highest point of the town. In its premises is also found a masonry Siva temple called Olakkanatha temple, belonging to the period of Rajasimha.

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